Inspiration for the human journey


Someone once commented on one of my Facebook posts that they wished I’d use my own words rather than relying on the quotes of others.

Sometimes I do.

But I find such comfort, such inspiration and a whole lot of head nodding and uh-huhing in the words of the ancients and not so ancients. Where would I be without Rumi, Hafiz and Rilke?  Without David Whyte, Mary Oliver and Anne LaMott, how would I laugh out loud - or cry - in recognition that other hearts feel what mine does? I shudder to think. I’m all for originality of course, yet why not steep ourselves in the wisdom that’s been left for us along the way? I add images of what lights me up as I walk my own path and hopefully, I’ve created a nice little place for you to visit.



Welcome to my Instagram feed  - this is where I post the images and words I find along my path each day. The photography is all iPhone, the wisdom often imported from others across the ages - a nice mix of past and present!  


Check out my Facebook page for posts I keep there, showing through photos/videos/memes/stories that #thisbeinghuman is something we all share.  


While social media is often criticized - and certainly has it’s challenges - there’s so much inspiration, so much good in the mix, too.  It’s all about the company you choose to keep!