Mentoring and Coaching for the Human Journey

What happens when you decide to follow the calling you've long ignored, moving half way across the world to do who knows what in a land that feels so much more like home than anything you've ever known - and is completely foreign at the same time?

You learn to leap. Over and over, and you learn that there is no such thing as a safety net. You learn that you are not so special, that everything you've been taught about the superiority of the West is laughable, at best. You learn that things like toilet paper are actually luxuries and that this life is really a huge gift, not a given or something you have to earn. You learn that helping is actually more about you than about those you set out to help, and that the very best thing you can do for anyone is to trust that they are able to find their own way, thank you very much. 

You learn that all you can do is be you. In every way imaginable. Good, bad, everything in between. And if that inspires others to consider that they can do the same, then even better. The world would only benefit in ways we can't possibly imagine.



the work I do, the offerings I make to you, are based on what I've learned. I use my innate gifts as well as the training I've had in meditation, Reiki, traditional healing, visual arts and yes, life coaching - I'm of the Martha Beck tribe - to accompany you on your journey for a little while or a longer time. I offer tools that have helped me in my own unfolding over decades now and share stories to offer a different perspective, to reflect back to you the patterns you've developed over time. And to create ways that allow you to be you, to live fully and well. 

That's all. That's everything. 


The Good Stuff

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions and Packages


The work I do is both practical and sacred, of this life and timeless.  I’m honored to work with human beings at a soul level, and to shed light on how vast the amount of support and encouragement available to us truly is.


Amadlozi – The Ancestors

In western/first world cultures, it seems that our connection with our ancestors and guides has been lost nearly entirely.  Using primarily Zulu cultural ways, I’ll teach you how to connect to those who went before you, the unseen ones who walk with you and whose support can be greatly enhanced by spending time with them.

We will find ways that work for you and your personal belief system, practices to support you and the connection you desire and explore parts of life you may not have had much access to so far.


There’s magic here, and comfort and so much love.


I work with only a handful of individual client in this way at any given time, in order to devote time and energy as needed.

The “Introduction Package” includes:


  • One initial session – 90 minutes

  • One journey – 90 minutes

  • Two – 60 minute instruction sessions

  •  Unlimited email/Polo videos for questions and answers

  •  All sessions via Zoom or Skype

  • Sessions to be used within a three month period


$500 USD

The “Full Package” includes:


  • One initial session – 90 minutes

  •  Three journeys – 90 minutes each

  •  Three – 60 minute instruction sessions

  •  Unlimited email/Polo videos for questions and answers

  •  All sessions via Zoom or Skype

  • Sessions to be used within a six month period


$950 USD

The “Deep Dive” package includes:

  • One initial session – 90 minutes 

  • Six journeys – 90 minutes each  

  • Six – 60 minute instruction sessions on alternating months  

  • Full-time support through unlimited email/Polo videos for questions and answers for one year

  • All sessions via Zoom or Skype

  • Sessions to be used within a 12-month period 


Only three spots for this package. 


Ready to be you? 

To find a way to be in this world that allows you to be fully yourself, unapologetically and exquisitely? 

Let’s find the right path for you.



A one time sit down to discuss where you are, where you’d like to be and how I can help you find your way.

 90 minutes, via Zoom or Skype


$200 OR $250 with 30 minute followup session within two weeks

explore coaching session

meet sacred guides



A sacred journey, in which we connect with your guides and allow them to show you, gently and beautifully, just what you need to know right now. 


90 minutes, via Zoom or Skype

A quiet place where you can fully relax and be uninterrupted is necessary.

Please allow yourself two hours in total, to process.


$200 USD -  single session

$275 USD  - journey plus one hour followup session within two weeks

$550 USD - three journeys used within a three month period

 $750 USD – three journeys with three 60 minute followup sessions, to be held within a three month period



This being human doesn’t come with an instruction book, does it?  And one approach definitely doesn’t work for us all.


The Toolbox sessions are designed to give you the tools to be you.  To find just the right ways to ground, center, connect, be still and listen within yourself.  Tools that go with you wherever you go and allow you to ride the waves of life with that much more ease.


The “Toolbox Package” includes:

  • Six monthly 90 minute sessions

  • Sessions via Zoom or Skype,

  • Weekly email followup

  • Videos custom made for you to introduce new practices

  • Daily messages to inspire you along the way.


$300 USD/monthly/$1650 USD  if paid in one payment

life coaching tools

Have Questions?

If you'd like to chat about what's possible and/or to schedule an appointment, please reach out and contact me.